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PORTFOLIO: 3D Animation

This page showcases my 3D animation projects, including projects from character animation workshop, entries for competitions, and professional work since 2020.

11 Second Club - October 2023 Competition Submission: Molly's Apology

The 11 Second Club hosts a global character animation contest monthly, fostering critique and progress sharing among participants. Animators animate a character speaking a provided line of dialogue, with voting for the best submission at month's end. It's a platform for refining skills in a challenging yet enjoyable environment. In October 2023, I participated for the third time, I minimized character and camera movements to create a contrasting tension against a relaxed environment. Molly's Apology ranked 19th in the top 20. Feature Workshop 4 Reel 2022

In 2022, alongside my job, I completed an 11-week Feature Animation workshop on Close-up Facial Acting and Lip-Sync at, under Pixar animator Tal Shwarzman. The course enhanced my understanding of effective acting, emotional expression through minimal movement, and the ease of animating subtle motions. This reel includes my work from the workshop, with the first shot featured on's social media page.

Kingdom Jump: Gameplay Animation Reel 2020

During my final college quarter, I had the opportunity to work for 10 weeks at Pineapple Studios, a startup mobile game company located in London, United Kingdom, on the upcoming mobile game, Kingdom Jump. As a 3D animator, I worked on game play animation for the main character, background characters such as insects, and the main villain, a dragon character.

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