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SCAD Animation Capstone Film: Stabby (2020)
Stabby is a 3D animated short film on which I served as the animation lead for my graduating class at SCAD during 2019-2020. Leading a team of 5 to 10 students, I directed and managed the creation of storyboard, layout, and animation from pre-production through production stages. The film received the Jury Special Prize at the 2020 BANIFF Bangkok Thai International Film Festival, was an Official Selection at the 2021 Atlanta Shortsfest, and was a Semi-Finalist at the 2021 Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival. Additionally, it was featured on TheCGBros YouTube channel and garnered over 300K views.

Stabby (2020): Storyboard
This selected storyboard was developed during the pre-production stage by our team. Over approximately 10 weeks, myself, Mimi Komthongchusakul, and director Jess Paolo (additional support) collaborated on it. Beginning with rough thumbnail sketches, we generated about three times the final content before curating and refining our selections. This process resulted in the final storyboard and 2D animatic, totaling roughly three minutes in duration.

Stabby (2020): 3D Animatic
This is the final version of the 3D animatic. As Animation Leads, Bijay Chudal and I supervised the entire process. We directed the project, ensuring fidelity to the storyboard while remaining open to new ideas. Each sequence was assigned to our team of animators, which included myself and Bijay, along with Courtney Brewer, Taylor Chan, and Erin Casey. Together, we handled character animation and camera blocking for our respective sequences.

ANIM 363 - 3D Character Animation II Student Project: Cartoony Animation (2019)
Under the guidance of Prof. James Crossley, former Animation Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, I attempted my first cartoony style animation. The story follows a space girl rescuing a lost rabbit. I focused on refining timing and poses for this assignment. Special thanks to Prof. John Webber, Prof. Bill Tessier, and Bijay Chudal for their additional support and guidance.

TECH 326 - Motion Capture Technology Student Project: One Last Chance (2019)
One Last Chance is a class assignment from Prof. Jeff Light, an ILM veteran's class at SCAD. With my team's assistance, I developed a short action sequence with a small storyline. I directed and performed during the capture on stage, handling camera work and editing as well during post-production. Fortunately, it was publicly featured on TheCGBros YouTube channel in 2020.

TECH - 326 Motion Capture Technology Student Project: In The Forest (2019)
In the Forest marked the culmination of the motion capture class. Utilizing the artistic and technical expertise acquired from previous assignments, I crafted a short film characterized by impactful storytelling and dynamic action scenes.

TECH - 326 Motion Capture Technology Student Project: The Strong (2019)
The Strong is my first project using motion capture technology. After refining the data for our selected performance among various takes, I integrated additional animation and camera work to convey a fun little story.

ANIM 333 - 3D Character Animation I Student Project Reel (2019)
Under the rigorous guidance of Prof. Bill Tessier, a former Disney animator, I learned from body mechanics to short dialogue shots, focusing on mastering animation fundamentals and storytelling while polishing my animation skills.

ANIM 270 - Principles of Screen Design Student Project: Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter Music Video (2018)
This was a fan-made music video for Porter Robinson & Madeon's "Shelter", made using Adobe After Effects. I used basic shapes to sync movements with the beat, showcasing fundamental screen design principles.

ANIM 252 - Principles of 3-D Animation Student Project Reel (2018)
Under the mentorship of Prof. Scott Wright, a respected figure in 2D and 3D animation at DreamWorks, I engaged in 10 weeks of training centered on the 12 principles of animation using Autodesk Maya. This training covered fundamental aspects such as bouncing balls, tails, and walk cycles.

CMPA 110 - Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications Student Project: Skins Title Sequence (2017)
This represented my first exploration into video production using digital tools. I sought to reinterpret the title sequence of the cherished British TV series 'Skins,' incorporating my personal style and preferences.

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